TradeBlock Review

Bitcoin is similar to the stock exchange, it is all about value and that perfect time to buy and sell. Nowadays, most smartphones will include a stock widget or app (most likely Yahoo finance) which is great but what about Bitcoin? Since Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, sadly it doesn’t fit on a stock exchange. But the big question now is which app to use to check Bitcoin’s value. After several weeks, I say that Zeroblock is my preferred app for this.

Zeroblock’s features are interesting and abundant such as a page for a price chart, a current exchange value page, exchange calculator, and even a dedicated page for articles related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency from sources that are trusted by the Bitcoin community such as Cryptocoinsnews and CoinTelegraph.

The overall design is simple and easy to use. Once you launch the app for the first time, there is a handy guide that tells you how to navigate via swiping. After a while, you get used to the swiping and the location of the various pages. I honestly really like the way they put the news feed on it because now instead of searching the term cryptocurrency on Google News, I can just tap on Zeroblock and get the latest news as well as the latest Bitcoin price. So far, after several weeks of using Zeroblock, the only problem I came up with is the theme. Zeroblock’s default theme is very dark and sometimes I want to change the theme to blue. If I can somehow find a way, I will notify you guys.

In my opinion, I love the simplicity and the Bitcoin price chart built right into the app. It really helps me analyze the fluctuation of   the price and find out when is the right time to exchange it or buy stuff. With Christmas coming around, I highly recommend you get the app for IOS or Android just in case you are in need of a quick price check. Websites such as Newegg or Pimoroni accept Bitcoin and sometimes you need to stalk the value to get the best deal.

Zeroblock for mobile:

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