BitcoinGet Review

BitcoinGet: A Simple and Fun Way to Earn and Learn Bitcoin

One of the first things that pops up when typing bitcoin into a search engine is a link to a multitude of “bitcoin faucets”. These sites offer promises of free bitcoin by simply clicking a button. The only problem is that these sites, due to their nature, contain an obscene amount of pop ups and spam links as advertisement to make the site money. The reward for completing these faucets are null and over the course of about 6 hours of clicking, scrolling, and entering re-captchas I was able to earn only about $1 USD. Even past that, many of these sites will not allow you to withdraw your earning until you have developed a decent sized wallet to withdraw from. This makes most faucets pretty rudimentary and damn near impossible to profit from much like the mining bitcoin.

With that, a new system called BitcoinGet is changing the game of bitcoin faucets. BitcoinGet has proven to be a functioning way of earning bitcoins while still being educational and rewarding, with profit to boot. BitcoinGet offers a variety of options to earn bitcoins ranging from typical surveys to watching educational videos and completing random tasks. I have seen rewards for surveys be as high as 5000 bits, or .0005 BTC. Many of these surveys will show the user a commercial and then ask the user specific questions about his or her feelings regarding said commercia. Whether they enjoyed it, if they would watch it again, if they learned something new, etc…

After about 3 hours of messing around with this site, I was able to earn about 4 dollars in BTC which proved to be much more profitable than using even the best faucets on the market. The BitcoinGet system allows you to withdraw your earnings at any time making it very easy to get a quick holding in BTC if you are new to the system.

The BitcoinGet official blog recently released a statement regarding their new offers:

“Just a quick update. We’ve added a wide variety of offers, so definitely check out the offers section if you haven’t done so recently. There should be something for everyone. For those of you who enjoy watching videos, you’ll be delighted to find some videos in there as well.”

The site also released a very interesting statement regarding the homeless and how BitcoinGet is helping them to survive:

“Wired ran a story today about a group of homeless men living in Pensacola, Florida that are using sites like BitcoinGet to help them survive. If you haven’t read the article yet, be sure to check it out here.Our goal with BitcoinGet has always been to create an easy way for people to earn bitcoins, but never did we imagine it would be used as a replacement for panhandling. It was interesting to read that the homeless followed in the article actually preferred getting paid in bitcoin because of its ease of use and the protection it provides against getting robbed. Earning bitcoins has also spared them from a lot of the embarrassment that comes with panhandling.”

Bitcoin get is a great way to earn free bitcoins and a wonderful option in the new world of online surveys due to its revolutionary payment method. It is definitely worth checking out and seeing if it’s worth your time, which if you are desperate for some extra earnings and not willing to work a 9 to 5, is probably the case. Check it out here.