Bitcointalk Review is the original Bitcoin discussion forum.  It was given to a Bitcoin enthusiast using the name “theymos.”  The forum has many quality posts from Bitcoin experts.  However, those quality posts are dispersed among thousands and thousands of useless posts, wrong information, spam, and scams.  Finding useful and correct information can be a challenge but it is there if you are willing to sift through all the posts.

The site offers a variety of Bitcoin and alt-coin related subjects ranging from technical discussions to investment speculation.  Bitcoin mining systems is also a popular discussion topic.

Users should be warned that the site is the source of endless scams.  While not every project is a scam, it can be difficult to discern the difference.  Almost every project announced on the site is accused of being a scam so users have to try to figure out what is legitimate and what is not.  Accounts are openly bought and sold and the reputation is often questioned so it can difficult to determine who is posting what and which in formation is intentionally false.  Some users obtain several accounts and create false “conversations.”

The site takes on advertisers they know are trying to defraud users and they post disclaimers to try to absolve themselves from responsibility.  The site has also been cited in several criminal complaints and a couple users have been sentenced to prison based on their activities there.  In one case a user claimed his house was robbed after he posted information about receiving Bitcoin mining equipment.  In short, be careful and don’t post sensitive information.