BustaBit Review

BustaBit: A New Take on Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin brings the dawn of a new age to the industry of online gambling. With the capability for near instant withdrawal and deposit as well as the lack of need for confirmation of identity, bitcoin is quickly becoming a preferred unit of currency to be used in the online gambling world. BustaBit is a new gambling website with a revolutionary protocol to take your online gaming experience to the next level.

Upon creation of a Bustabit account, the user is given a Bitcoin address with which they can deposit bitcoins to begin playing. The minimum bet is 1 bit, or 100 satoshis. The maximum bet is 1.000.000 bits, or 1 bitcoin. The game works by letting the user place his or her bet, and then showing a ticker with a multiplier on it. The multiplier begins at 1.00x and there is no limit to what it can go to. I personally have seen a multiplier of 2100x. The goal of the game is to place your bet, watch the ticker, and then “cash out” before the ticker “busts”.

The game is provably fair and an explanation for this is located here. The following is taken from the BustaBit website describing the house odds:

The house margin is scaled between 0 and 1 %, depending on how long you hold. An additional 1 % is effectively taken from every bet and put into the bonus pool, which is distributed in its entirety every game. As a consequence, skilless or random play has—at worst—an expected return of -2 %, but it is possible to overcome the house margin by skillfully getting bonuses.

The numbers are baked into the game, so you never need to worry about it. We do not have a fixed house margin, as this would prevent highly conservative play (e.g. If you were only attempting to make $2 in a $100 game, a house margin of 1 % would be 50 % of your potential profits!). Our unique formula makes it fair for both highly conservative play (cash out early) and highly aggressive play (hold until you’re a millionaire).

The game has been upgraded and there is even a chatbot that often gives away free bits to people participating in the IRC chat room located within the game. Also, there is a built in faucet that gives the user 2 free bits every hour to get a chance to try out the game. I myself have been able to profit over .8 bitcoins by playing smart and working toward the bonuses. Check out BustaBit.com, make a deposit, and join the fun today!