CGMiner Review

CGMiner: Cross Platform Digital Currency Mining Software

Anyone with a little bit of knowledge regarding Bitcoin and other digital currencies know very well that to turn a profit mining said currencies is quite the challenge. Many enthusiasts make a valiant effort at mining by using the GPU in their desktop, or by purchasing an ASIC (Applied Specific Integrated Circuit) created purely for hashing out transactions on the block chain. There are some who are in it for the profit and some who simply want to gain a better understanding of how the process of creating bitcoins actually works. Either way, when delving into this process, it is most definitely nice to have an intuitive and efficient software to help you get processing as soon as possible.

CGMiner is the software program that sits between the mining hardware and you computer.  Miming equipment cannot do anything on its own without the software supporting it.  the software also allows you to connect to mining pools.  Some mining hardware requires a specific version of CGMiner for it to work.

CGMiner is a simple and intuitive software that can have you mining with your favorite hardware in a matter of minutes. This is a simple C source code that runs in the command prompt and queries for a few entries such as pool, username, password, and what hardware you are using for your mining. Once these are input, the software begins hashing immediately. CGMiner has some great options available for your mining such as overclocking, fan speed, and supports bitcoin and other alternative digital cryptocurrency. For more information check out this link and to download the source and get started immediately find it here on github.