CoinRebates Review

CoinRebates: Your Trusted Source for Instant BTC Rebates With Online Purchases

A major problem to tackle in regards to bitcoins adoption among the community is the complexity of the protocol. Many are deterred from using Bitcoin because they fear how complicated it appears at first and avoid committing to the system. Many have discussed solutions to this issue by simplifying the use of Bitcoin and one company by the name of Yacko, LLC has actually implemented a functioning model.

Yacko was formed in March of 2013 and is based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. They focus primarily on online games and rewards programs. BitcoinGet was sprouted by the Yacko coalition and provided and opportunity for people to get involved in Bitcoin in a variety of ways including games, surveys, and instructional videos. By completing the tasks, the user would be rewarded in a small amount of bitcoins, much like many of the faucets you see online nowadays. The goal of BitcoinGet is to get people involved in a fun and rewarding matter while spreading knowledge and awareness. Since then, Yacko has expanded and in June of  this year they launched CoinRebates. CoinRebates is a program that offers online shoppers they ability to obtain a rebate instantly in the form of Bitcoin. They have over 350 merchants on their ledger and this list continues to grow as more and more get involved.

Users create an account, register a Bitcoin address, and select from the long list of stores they which to purchase from. Once on the site, they select their item as they would normally and after the purchase, are instantly rewarded in Bitcoin. Some of the merchants offer up to 20%, which is of the highest available cashback rates on the market. Some of the more recognized retailers available are, BestBuy, Gamestop, and Nike. This is a great way for people to understand how easy it is to get Bitcoin by receiving a reward they would not normally obtain through traditional online shopping. CoinRebates also requests user input regarding new possible merchants so feel free to make a suggestion and they will make an effort to get it onto their list.