Lawnmower Review

Lawnmower: A Savvy Way to Save, With Crypto!

Everyone likes to save money. Whether it is on a purchase or simply by finding a functional way to put money away for a later time. Banks have realized this and have implemented keep the change  programs. These programs take every purchase, round up to the nearest dollars, and put the difference in a savings account for the user.

A startup called Acorns began a few years back and used a similar structure, but then took it up a notch by putting the savings into a diversified stock portfolio. This allowed users to become more familiar with the stock market and realize the profitability of their savings. Acorns has since been pretty successful and continues to grow to this day.

By the looks of it, someone has taken this same idea but instead of putting the savings into a stock portfolio, the money is converted to bitcoin and placed in a Coinbase wallet. The simplicity of this app is amazing and it is available now in the Android and Apple app stores. One simply needs to connect their bank account, of which Lawnmower supports over 17,000, then begin making purchases. Each purchase will be rounded up to the nearest dollar and the difference will be converted to BTC and placed in a pre-made Coinbase wallet. This is a great way for people with a small amount of interest in cryptocurrency to jump on the bandwagon and learn quickly how simple it is to store and hold bitcoin. With the Coinbase account linked directly to their bank account, the user can cashout at anytime and should they consider more holdings in crypto, they are able to make purchases using the Coinbase system. Go give Lawnmower a try today and start saving savvy! Here is a link to get you started.