Airbitz Wallet Review

Airbitz wallet Review

The Airbitz Wallet is one easy-to-use mobile bitcoin wallet that enables users to use their bitcoins anywhere. Airbitz lets any user easily setup a secure, encrypted, and backed up Bitcoin wallet in just a few minutes. The wallet provides the easiest interface to transact with bitcoin. It comes with a curated map and directory of both local and web based bitcoin businesses to help users to find businesses accepting bitcoin. The wallet presents an easy and functional experience from account creation, to the sending and fund requesting. You can easily get the app for free through the Google store.

How to use

Sending and receiving bitcoin through the wallet is a simple process. The user only needs to create an account and then is all set and ready to go. Account creation is very easy. It only uses a username and password. During the account creation, AirBitz automatically encrypts the wallet and creates a back-up. It supports multiple currencies, and any user can easily change the settings in the wallet to the desired local currency. Users can also create multiple wallets within the app. Simple account creation requires just a login, password, and 4 digit PIN no personal information is required.

The system supports the standard QR scanning and also introduces Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transfers. The built-in directory feature shows the user where to spend bitcoin.

Secure, simple and easy to use

The Airbitz mobile app is as simple and familiar as mobile online banking while retaining Bitcoin’s powerful capabilities of financial privacy, financial autonomy, and frictionless transfer of value. While Airbitz keeps usability simple for the beginner while maintaining the latest, most empowering features for advanced users.

The Airbitz Bitcoin mobile Wallet is open source code, designed with decentralized architecture, and offers client side encryption with automated and encrypted backups.

By using decentralized server architecture Airbitz allows the wallet to continue working even if the Airbitz servers are down. This is one of the main advantages of the Airbitz wallet, because it means your keys are yours, and regardless of what happens with Airbitz, you will continue to have access to your funds.

The Airbitz wallet has enhanced privacy and security and features a user-first interface which solves many of the usability issues plaguing current bitcoin wallets.

Bitcoin wallets present some risks to users. They require unfamiliar processes such as securing the private keys. Airbitz wallets are constantly secured by backing up keys process, and transaction data are always encrypted and always automatically backed up.

If a user mobile device is lost, robbed, or damaged, a user’s login and password on any iPhone or Android device enables him to quickly recover access to all wallet information and funds.

Pros and Cons

Positive aspects: the wallet is very easy to get and set-up. It is able to show in multiple currencies and different bitcoin denominations (BTC, mBTC, uBTC/Bits). The Bluetooth for wallet to wallet transfers works very well.

Negative aspects: the security of the cloud based back-up of the private key is questionable. It only allows the USD exchange rate to be available from Coinbase or Bitstamp.

The Airbitz mobile Bitcoin is a powerful tool for users to easily control their own bitcoin private keys and works very similar to traditional mobile banking.

With the Airbitz wallet users get the financial privacy and autonomy Bitcoin was designed for with an ease of use that any beginner can handle. The Airbitz wallet is without any doubt one of the most secure and easy-to-use mobile Bitcoin wallet options in the market.