Breadwallet (iOS)(SPV) Review


By Angus Leung

Some of us have heard of Breadwallet as one of the easiest to use Bitcoin wallets for IOS but is it really as easy as it sounds? I wanted to put Breadwallet to the test so I did. In order to see if it is truly the easiest Bitcoin wallet ever, I used it for about a week and I have to say, it is easy as pie!

Normally when you hear about simplicity, you think of a really basic interface with very limited and barebone features. Actually, a Bitcoin wallet’s job is to send, receive and store Bitcoin and it shows all 3. As a bonus, it even has the exchange rate from Bitcoin to any currency and has like Coinbase and Blockchain, can do a realtime wallet value to any exchange rate.

After launching the wallet, it shows 2 options, create a new wallet or import an existing wallet. It is really simple and after you received the secret recovery phrase, the simple wallet interface is displayed. On the screen, there will be 2 pages for sending and receiving with the QR code standard.

On the top left is a 3 line button to reveal the transaction history and settings. In order to check the transaction history, an interesting touchID password is needed. I have never seen a Bitcoin wallet that has the Apple TouchID as a security system but this means that Breadwallet’s security could be a role model for other wallets.

At the bottom of the menu is the settings menu which allows the user to see the recovery phrase, exchange rate, passcode change and even the start another wallet button. I am surprised that the exchange rates on the wallet is so abundant with USD, CAD, Sterling Pounds, Francs, Rubles and even HKD.

There isn’t much to talk about for sending because it is technically all the same and there isn’t anything special about the sending speed but everytime I received something, I would have to go through the touchID password to see the wallet balance. It is sort of time consuming but adds a little more privacy just in case someone takes your phone and tries to send Bitcoin and doesn’t know the balance.

Even though it takes some time to see the balance, I still recommend Breadwallet to the first time Bitcoin user because of it’s simplicity. Unlike Coinbase, Breadwallet does not have any way to buy Bitcoin directly from inside the wallet.

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