RushWallet Review


Review by, Joe… All I can say is wow. I had honestly never heard of this website until a few days ago when i was browsing around the Bitcoin subreddit. I must say that I was incredibly impressed by this website and all it’s features packed into such a simple package. Apparently Rushwallet was released in August of 2014, and has slowly been gaining traction since. It’s not hard to see why either. The sleek website design, the simplicity of it, and, of course, the security. Oh the security! As many of you within the Bitcoin community know, we tend to chew Web wallets up and spit them out like it’s our job, but not this one. I can say for (almost) certain that this is one of the most secure web wallets I have ever seen (and I use web wallets a lot.) I can tell you that nothing about your address is sent to the Rushwallet servers, as it uses a little # in the URL In simple terms this prevents the information in the URL from being sent to the server, meaning Rushwallet has practically no knowledge that your wallet exists, which is great considering how many web wallets have either been scams or have been hacked, leading to hundreds/thousands of Bitcoin being lost.

Your wallet is generated right on the homepage using mouse entropy (random data bits created through the movement of your mouse) and are essentially impossible to recreate. You can either create an address with or without a password, the password being an added bit of security, in case someone manages to find your Rushwallet URL and access your wallet. Which leads me to my next glowing praise of, but first you may need to know some Bitcoin history:

Back in 2011 an eWallet known as “InstaWallet” was launched. It was probably the simplest Bitcoin wallet that ever existed. Basically the user would visit the InstaWallet website and a new wallet would be immediately generated for them, they would then bookmark the URL to maintain access to this wallet, and that was it. You can probably see the appeal to this approach. Unfortunately InstaWallet was hacked and many a bitcoin were stolen.

Now that you know this little piece of Bitcoin history, I can continue my review. What’s great about Rushwallet, is that it uses a very similar process to InstaWallet. After creating your address you are immediately shown your new wallet, fresh out of the oven, no transactions or value at all. But the URL is what makes it great, it’s the exact same as InstaWallet. You bookmark it and there you go, to access your wallet again you just load up the bookmark, input your password if you created your address with one and you’re good to go. In many ways is the more secure, better protected successor to InstaWallet, which makes me feel giddy inside.

And possibly the best thing about Rushwallet is that you can export your private keys. Nothing is more trustworthy in a web wallet than the ability to export your private keys, which allows your to either migrate your wallet to a different client, or sweep the wallet for it’s Bitcoin and have it sent to one of your other wallets.

Trust me when I say the is a great website, possibly the best web wallet I have ever seen to date. It’s simplicity and security are all that I need to say that I am a fan of Rushwallet and I hope the people who created and maintain it continue working to make it even better. I definitely recommend giving a try if you’re looking for a new web wallet, if not, well check it out anyway, it’s always good to have different wallets for different uses.

I definitely give 2 Thumbs up.

Disclaimer: While may be very secure in terms of online Bitcoin wallets, it is a general rule of thumb to never store large amount of Bitcoin on any online wallet, as they can be very unsafe. Seriously, don’t store more than 1 BTC on ANY web wallet, Ever. Seriously.

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