BitPlastic Review

BitPlastic: A Functioning Bitcoin Debit Card

Bitcoin is currently in the process of making cash obsolete and that day is in the foreseeable future for most believers. There will soon be a time where almost anything that can be purchased with a debit card can also be purchased with a simple scan of a QR […]

Lawnmower Review

Lawnmower: A Savvy Way to Save, With Crypto!

Everyone likes to save money. Whether it is on a purchase or simply by finding a functional way to put money away for a later time. Banks have realized this and have implemented keep the change programs. These programs take every purchase, round up to the nearest […] Review is a marketplace that connects shoppers with unused gift cards. Shoppers pay with bitcoins or other Altcoins (using at a discount, and Earners liquidate gift cards. is primarily a service that acts a proxy to order through Amazon but they also have a few products that they sell directly, mostly Bitcoin-related items. […]

Gyft Review


Gyft is a gift card service that accepts Bitcoin as well as other payment systems such as credit cards and Paypal. Gyft allows you to keep a “wallet” that organizes your gift cards. Gift card barcodes are displayed right on your phone so there is no need to have a physical card. Gyft […]

CoinRebates Review

CoinRebates: Your Trusted Source for Instant BTC Rebates With Online Purchases

A major problem to tackle in regards to bitcoins adoption among the community is the complexity of the protocol. Many are deterred from using Bitcoin because they fear how complicated it appears at first and avoid committing to the system. Many have discussed […]