bitWallet for iOS Review

bitWallet for iOS

Bitwallet for iOS provides most standard Bitcoin wallet features plus some customizable and more advanced options for more tech-savvy users. The major drawback of this wallet seems to be the possibility of accidentally deleting keys and getting “locked out” of one’s own wallet or losing bitcoins when not using the […]

Bither Wallet Review

B ither Bitcoin Wallet Review

Bither is a simple open-source Bitcoin wallet project available for iPhone, Android, and desktop computer. Bither is an HD wallet, and features both a hot and cold wallet capability (the cold wallet can be run on a backup/older/spare smartphone, for example) and users retain access to private keys. HD […]

Electrum Wallet (SPV)

Electrum: A Speedy, Low Upkeep, Online Bitcoin Wallet

Electrum is an online bitcoin wallet focused on simplicity and speed. The project has been in the works since 2011 and a variety of contributors have made a functioning software that seems to take away a lot of the stress that the Bitcoin-QT client seems to have. […]

Armory Wallet Review

The Armory wallet is a software wallet. This is the “Swiss army knife” of Bitcoin wallets. It has a huge number of features for the advanced user. It has 3 modes: “standard,” “advanced,” and “expert” so new users are not confused by all the options. If you want to learn about Bitcoin transactions and […]