Bither Wallet Review

B ither Bitcoin Wallet Review

Bither is a simple open-source Bitcoin wallet project available for iPhone, Android, and desktop computer. Bither is an HD wallet, and features both a hot and cold wallet capability (the cold wallet can be run on a backup/older/spare smartphone, for example) and users retain access to private keys.  HD means all the addresses in the wallet can be backed up with one root key.  From that key all the possible addresses the wallet will use are backed up.


  • Realtime Bitcoin exchange prices
  • Password-protected private keys
  • Private key security check
  • Easy cloning of cold wallets
  • Transactions can be signed from cold-wallet for greater security


Some complaints I have encountered include variable/slow confirmation times, and difficulty synching cold and hot wallets. Beyond these, the software receives positive reviews in general.

Bither’s features are numerous and this provides potential for both positive and negative aspects in regard to use. Experienced users may find the options provided by this software a benefit, while novices may simply enjoy it by sticking with only the basic functionalities.

Visit the Bither homepage here.