bitWallet for iOS Review

bitWallet for iOS

Bitwallet for iOS provides most standard Bitcoin wallet features plus some customizable and more advanced options for more tech-savvy users. The major drawback of this wallet seems to be the possibility of accidentally deleting keys and getting “locked out” of one’s own wallet or losing bitcoins when not using the HD wallet feature. In other words, if you don’t know what you are doing, wallet and address management can be tricky. However, this potential drawback is more likely to happen only with inexperienced users.

Bitwallet Bitcoin keys are stored exclusively on the user’s device, and are controlled exclusively by the user. Bitwallet allows users to create multiple wallets with multiple Bitcoin addresses per wallet. BIP32 Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallets can also be created, allowing for greater privacy and security. HD wallets allow for a master “seed” to be the deterministic element (the element from which all other keys and addresses are determined) in the creation of addresses. This makes the chances of losing one’s wallet, or one’s wallet and transactions being traced, much slimmer, and provides opportunity for the same seed to be utilized even with another wallet software (one can use the same seed, for example, to operate within both Bitwallet and Bread Wallet, providing a nice backup system and greater wallet security). Bread Wallet for iOS is another good example of an HD wallet.

One very nice feature of Bitwallet is the ability to create custom payment requests. For example, if I want my friend to pay me said amount, for said goods or services, I can include all of this information in the QR code, as a kind of receipt for personal record keeping. Other important features of Bit wallet include:

  • Check Bitcoin price from multiple exchanges
  • Ability to create multiple wallets
  • View live Bitcoin network statistics

Users looking for flexibility and function will enjoy Bitwallet.

Bitwallet’s developer website can be viewed here