NFT News

Helium Network Completes Solana Migration

Helium, the cryptocurrency-powered wireless network, has successfully completed its migration from its layer-1 blockchain platform to Solana.

Second Trump NFT Collection Sells Out in Hours

Former U.S. President Donald Trump's second NFT collection, Trump Digital Trading Cards Series 2, has sold out in record time, generating millions in sales.

Starbucks Unveils Second NFT Collection on Polygon

Starbucks, the world's largest coffeehouse chain, is brewing up its second NFT collection on the Polygon network.

Looksrare V2: A Scalable, Efficient, and Flexible NFT Marketplace

Looksrare has launched V2 of its innovative NFT marketplace and says a focus on scalability, efficiency, and flexibility is at its core.

Unreleased David Bowie Record Debuts As Music NFT

An unreleased David Bowie record, dubbed "Toy," is set to make its grand entrance as a music NFT.

Ralph Lauren Embraces Crypto in Miami: A Fashionable Fusion of Luxury and Web3

Ralph Lauren steps into the world of crypto & Web3, partnering with Poolsuite to offer NFTs and accepting cryptocurrencies at its new Miami store.

Sony files New NFT Patents: A New Era for Gaming and Digital Assets?

Sony Interactive Entertainment files patent application for a groundbreaking NFT framework, paving the way for cross-platform gaming and asset utilization.

Square Enix Dives Into NFTs with ‘SYMBIOGENESIS’, Launches Official Website and Discord

The gaming giant behind Final Fantasy unveils its first NFT collectible art project, making a grand entrance into the world of digital assets.

Snoop Dogg’s New NFT Collection Drops on Cardano

The Doggfather enters the Cardano NFT scene, bringing some dope vibes with his fresh new NFT collection. CoinNews tells you what you need to know.

Polygon and Immutable Team Up to Level Up Web3 Gaming and NFTs

The gaming metaverse scores a power-up as Polygon and Immutable join forces to onboard more gamers and devs.

Nike and RTFKT Set to Deliver Physical Air Force 1 NFT Sneakers

Game changing partnership between iconic Nike and RTFKT merging the digital and physical worlds to create the first-ever physical NFT Air Force 1s.