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The halving event effectively reduced the Bitcoin block reward from 6.25 $BTC to 3.125 $BTC, exacerbating competition among transactions on 20 April.

Bitcoin halving sets new milestone with $107.7M in mining revenue

The geopolitical tensions escalating in the Middle East are thought to be a significant factor contributing to Bitcoin’s instability.

Unexpected drop hits Bitcoin; $63K resistance tests investor resolve

The halving, by reducing the rate at which new Bitcoins are generated, emphasises scarcity and has historically been a precursor to price volatility and rallies.

Investor interest peaks as Bitcoin ascends to $70,800 before halving

As Bitcoin has crashed from its all-time high, analysts have drawn parallels to previous halving trends.

One month to Bitcoin halving: Analysts warn of ‘Danger Zone’

This surge has elevated Bitcoin's market capitalisation beyond $1.4 trillion, surpassing Silver to become the eighth-largest asset globally.

Bitcoin shatters records, climbing to a new high of $73K

This surge in mining revenue coincided with Bitcoin's price reaching an all-time high.

Bitcoin mining sector sees unprecedented growth and investment

The market cap of Bitcoin has now surpassed $1.4 trillion, overtaking silver and positioning itself as the eighth largest asset globally.

Bitcoin sets new ATH above $71K: Could $100K be the next milestone for BTC?

The kimchi premium is at a 27-month high, giving crypto investors a unique arbitrage opportunity.

South Korean Bitcoin Arbitrage makes a comeback, previously fuelled SBF with millions

Bitcoin's value has already surged in the European morning hours, closely approaching its all-time high of $69,000 recorded in November 2021.

Are Bitcoin bulls eyeing a new ATH above $70K?

Currently, Bitcoin trades above $62,000, with its market capitalisation soaring to $1.240 trillion, securing its position among the top ten largest financial assets globally.

Bitcoin’s bullish surge above $60K: A new high on the horizon?