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Wells notices are serious business in the financial regulatory arena, serving as preliminary warnings that outline the charges the SEC is considering.

Uniswap under SEC scrutiny after receiving Wells notice

The launch will follow Ethereum's upcoming Dencun upgrade, which is scheduled for March.

Uniswap v4 to launch with innovative ‘hooks’ in Q3 2024

Uniswap Labs has made its Android wallet application available to the public, released on Google Play, that comes with a built-in swap function...

Uniswap releases wallet app with built-in swap capability for Android users

Uniswap has delisted the $HEX cryptocurrency from its decentralised exchange, following the classification of HEX as an unregistered security by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.  In a lawsuit against HEX founder Richard Schueler, also known as Richard Heart, the SEC said more than $1billion was raised through unregistered security offerings. It traces back to...

HEX delisted from Uniswap after SEC calls it unregistered security

The Uniswap Foundation has revealed details for the highly anticipated v4 launch with the protocol expected to go live within the next four months.

Uniswap Foundation unveils timeline for v4 launch

Uniswap Set to Launch on Polygon zkEVM

April 14, 2023 at 10:57 GMT

Uniswap is set to integrate with Polygon zkEVM to leverage the growing adoption of the EVM-compatible, zero-knowledge roll-up solution.

Uniswap Set to Launch on Polygon zkEVM

The popular decentralized exchange, Uniswap, launches its mobile app for iOS users following Apple's approval

Uniswap Mobile App Debuts in the Apple App Store After Month-long Review

Shiba Inu developer has revealed key advancements, addressing the hiccups faced in the SHEboshi NFT release.

SHIB dev unveils Shibarium’s pioneering transition to ERC404

Prominent decentralised exchange aggregator on the Solana network has made a splash with the release of its new token, $JUP.

Record-breaking $700M airdrop propels JUP token to new heights

PepeFork ($PORK), the latest meme cryptocurrency emerging from the well-known $PEPE token, has experienced a meteoric rise, soaring over 450% in under two days.

PEPE’s offshoot PORK skyrockets, doubling value in a day