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Chiliz Sports Blockchain: The details so far

The upcoming Chiliz (CHZ) Sports Blockchain launch date is set for 10 May. But what is it exactly? Chiliz, founded in 2018, is the...

Polygon and Google Cloud form Web3 collaboration

Polygon Labs and Google Cloud yesterday announced a multi-year Web3 alliance to accelerate the adoption of Polygon protocols

Helium Network Completes Solana Migration

Helium, the cryptocurrency-powered wireless network, has successfully completed its migration from its layer-1 blockchain platform to Solana.

MetaMask Exploit Steals $10M in ETH from Crypto Veterans

More than 5,000 ETH has been stolen from the MetaMask wallets of long-time crypto users across multiple chains since December 2022, a developer has revealed.

Internet Computer up 13%, as eco-drive revealed

The price of Internet Computer (ICP) has jumped 13% today, as Dfinity Foundation revealed its new carbon-aware initiative along with (ckBTC) token plans.

Binance Burns $674M Worth of BNB Token Supply

In one of its largest-ever token burn events, Binance has burned over 2 million BNB valued at approximately $674 million as part of its quarterly burn process.

New Ripple Product Boosts Cross-Border Payments

Ripple, the company behind the XRP cryptocurrency, has announced the launch of its Liquidity Hub, a platform designed to streamline cross-border payments for businesses....

Arbitrum Plan to Return $1B in ARB Likely to Fail

Arbitrum Improvement Proposal 1.05, which aims to return 700 million ARB tokens valued at over $1 billion to its DAO, appears to be heading for defeat.

Twitter Partners with eToro to Increase Crypto Adoption

Two major players in the technology and finance sectors, eToro and Twitter, have announced a partnership to bring cryptocurrency education to the masses.

Ripple To Work With Montenegro On CBDC

Montenegro's Central Bank (CBCG) has signed a deal with blockchain-based payments firm Ripple to launch a national digital currency (CBDC) pilot program.

BNB Chain Testing Decentralized Storage Solution

BNB Chain is inviting developers, validators, and storage providers to begin testing BNB Greenfield, its decentralized storage solution.

Arbitrum Foundation Challenged Over 700M ARB Transfer

Arbitrum Foundation, the company behind the Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution Arbitrum, is facing backlash from the community after it transferred 700 million of the project's native token ARB to its own multisig wallet.

Solana Drastically Reduces On-Chain Storage, NFT Minting Costs

Layer-1 blockchain Solana has introduced a new solution called state compression that aims to significantly reduce the cost of on-chain storage.

Alibaba Cloud Launches Blockchain Lab in Japan for Web3 Game Developers

Alibaba Cloud expands its blockchain services with a dedicated lab to support the growing Web3 gaming industry in Japan. Read CoinNews' summary

Sony files New NFT Patents: A New Era for Gaming and Digital Assets?

Sony Interactive Entertainment files patent application for a groundbreaking NFT framework, paving the way for cross-platform gaming and asset utilization.

Polygon and Immutable Team Up to Level Up Web3 Gaming and NFTs

The gaming metaverse scores a power-up as Polygon and Immutable join forces to onboard more gamers and devs.