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Trending now: $AGB, $BOBO and $PAPI

May 26, 2023 at 08:59 GMT

Kicking off Friday is Apes Go Bananas ($AGB) which is actually going bananas at 184.54% in the past hour. Following it is bear token BOBO ($BOBO), up by 59.2%.

Trending now: $AGB, $BOBO and $PAPI

Memecoin season is among us and the FOMO is real. With PEPE still riding high and SPONGE moving up the ranks, what are the day's other trending coins?

Hot Right Now: Today’s Trending Memecoins

$1inch is trending following a price rally to 58% in the past day. So what is the latest 1inch price prediction being made as of 17 July? Let's take a look.

1inch Network price prediction: How high will 1INCH go?

Ripple CTO warns of XRP scams following victory

July 14, 2023 at 09:54 GMT

Ripple CTO David Schwartz has urged investors to stay on high alert as bad actors are actively seeking to take advantage of yesterday's good $XRP news...

Ripple CTO warns of XRP scams following victory

Twitter suspended the AI-powered bot ‘Explain this Bob’ shortly after a comment by Elon Musk labelling it a "scam crypto account".

AI bot meme suspended following Musk ‘scam’ tweet

Minions ($MINIONS) is the morning's top performer with a rise of more than 71% in the past 24 hours, with Memetic/PepeCoin ($MEME) also outperforming at 63%.

This morning’s top risers: $MEME and $MINIONS

Meme trading is down today, Tuesday 30 May, but KEK ($KEKE – up 31.67%) and PepeDerp ($PEPEDERP – up 75.31%) are some of this morning's coins defying the rest of the market.

$PepeDerp and $KEKE up, as rest of market slumps

While most other memes are in the doldrums at the moment, TOM ($TOM) has risen by 445.94% in the past day...

$TOM is this morning’s clear meme frontrunner

The memes making the most noise this morning, Wednesday 24 May, are $PSYOP, $SHANG, and $TLIP. But just how safe is PSYOP?...

Meme moves: $PSYOP and $SHANG  outperform again

Making a splash in the world of memes this morning are $BABYJESUS, $PSYOP, $RFD, $CHITCAT and $SHANG...

Meme madness: $SHANG, $BABYJESUS, $RFD see gains