About Us

Founding CoinNews

CoinNews.com was established in 2023 with a clear and distinctive vision. We recognized a glaring gap in the market for unbiased, accurate, and timely news in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Often, crypto and blockchain news outlets are influenced by vested interests, propagating biased news to favor specific projects. We dared to be different. CoinNews was founded on the principle of delivering unbiased breaking news coverage, offering our readers a reliable source of information in an industry that can often be clouded by speculation and subjectivity.

Our Belief in Unbiased News

We firmly believe in the power of bootstrapped, unbiased news. Our commitment is to provide accurate and impartial information, free from the influence of external pressures or personal gain. We understand the responsibility we have to our readers, and we take this responsibility seriously. Every piece of content we produce is meticulously checked to ensure the information presented is fair, balanced, and devoid of any biases.

Innovative Use of AI

At CoinNews, we have embraced the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to augment the capabilities of our talented team of writers. Our in-house AI models have been trained to assist in the content production process, enabling us to deliver high-quality news at an accelerated pace. This innovative use of AI allows us to keep our team lean and focused, ensuring we attract and retain the smartest writers at the forefront of technology.

Our Vision and Ambitions

While we are a young site, our ambitions are anything but small. We are constantly looking towards the future, planning to expand our team in the coming months. Our vision includes producing long-form video content, investigative reports, and engaging long reads that delve deep into the heart of the crypto and blockchain industry.

Merging Web3 into News Production

In keeping with the cutting-edge nature of the industry we cover, we are excited about integrating Web3 into our news production. We are developing a unique feature that offers a bespoke newsfeed tailored to your interests and your portfolio, provided you choose to connect your wallet. This personalization reflects our commitment to bringing you the news that matters most to you.

Stay Up to Date with CoinNews

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We invite you to join us on our journey as we strive to set a new standard for unbiased, accurate, and timely news in the crypto and blockchain industry. Welcome to CoinNews.com.