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Brollups will support over 90% of DeFi use cases upon launch without needing a hard fork or issuing a non-Bitcoin token.

New ‘Brollups’ by Bitcoin hacker aims to boost DeFi transactions

Investors appear increasingly willing to engage with Bitcoin through a regulated, traditional financial product. This reflected a shift in how digital assets are perceived in the broader financial landscape.

BlackRock spot Bitcoin ETF sets new trading volume record at $662M

The cryptocurrency market's downturn extended to altcoins, with many experiencing significant losses. $DOGE and $SOL were among the hardest hit.

Bitcoin falls to lowest since May, Dogecoin and Solana hit by market turmoil

JPMorgan noted that Bitcoin prices are currently high relative to production costs, leading them to anticipate minimal inflows in the coming months.

JPMorgan’s ETF warning pushes Bitcoin under $67K

Fidelity's FBTC led the charge with $77.0482 million, while Bitwise's BITB attracted $14.3145 million.

Bitcoin ETFs see $105M in new inflows, marking 15-day streak

Crypto traders now expect the newly-green lighted ETFs in the US to reduce Bitcoin’s market share, providing altcoins like Ethereum with more room to grow.

Ethereum eyes new all-time highs amid declining Bitcoin market share

The halving event effectively reduced the Bitcoin block reward from 6.25 $BTC to 3.125 $BTC, exacerbating competition among transactions on 20 April.

Bitcoin halving sets new milestone with $107.7M in mining revenue

The geopolitical tensions escalating in the Middle East are thought to be a significant factor contributing to Bitcoin’s instability.

Unexpected drop hits Bitcoin; $63K resistance tests investor resolve

The halving, by reducing the rate at which new Bitcoins are generated, emphasises scarcity and has historically been a precursor to price volatility and rallies.

Investor interest peaks as Bitcoin ascends to $70,800 before halving

As Bitcoin has crashed from its all-time high, analysts have drawn parallels to previous halving trends.

One month to Bitcoin halving: Analysts warn of ‘Danger Zone’