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The halving event effectively reduced the Bitcoin block reward from 6.25 $BTC to 3.125 $BTC, exacerbating competition among transactions on 20 April.

Bitcoin halving sets new milestone with $107.7M in mining revenue

This surge in mining revenue coincided with Bitcoin's price reaching an all-time high.

Bitcoin mining sector sees unprecedented growth and investment

Stablecoin company Tether ($USDT) has issued a major debt facility to German-based BTC mining company Northern Data AG.

Tether expands on BTC mining, issuing $610m debt financing to Northern Data

Uzbekistan cracks down on crypto mining

October 4, 2023 at 15:24 GMT

Uzbekistan has introduced tight restrictions on cryptocurrency mining as it passes a historic new legislation.

Uzbekistan cracks down on crypto mining

KuCoin’s mining pool will be unavailable to users starting from 15 August until further notice. The exchange said it was temporarily halting KuCoin Pool as part of “KuCoin’s evolving business strategy”.

KuCoin to suspend Bitcoin and Litecoin mining pool: Details

Introduction to Bitcoin Mining As the popularity of Bitcoin continues to grow, so does the interest in understanding how it works and how one can participate in the process. Bitcoin mining is an essential component of the cryptocurrency’s ecosystem. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Bitcoin mining, covering everything from its basics...

How to Mine Bitcoin: A Comprehensive Guide to Bitcoin Mining

Joe Biden proposes 30% tax on Bitcoin mining. The proposed 30% tax would apply to profits generated by Bitcoin mining operations within the United States.

Biden’s Tax on Bitcoin Mining: A Threat to Crypto?

The geopolitical tensions escalating in the Middle East are thought to be a significant factor contributing to Bitcoin’s instability.

Unexpected drop hits Bitcoin; $63K resistance tests investor resolve

The halving, by reducing the rate at which new Bitcoins are generated, emphasises scarcity and has historically been a precursor to price volatility and rallies.

Investor interest peaks as Bitcoin ascends to $70,800 before halving

Coinbase is selling senior notes after its stock price has rocketed by 48% this year.

Coinbase offers $1B in bonds amid COIN stock rally