Modified date: July 24, 2023 at 12:37 GMT

ARKM price prediction: How high can Arkham go?

$ARKM attracted attention following a promising start, but has since been on the decline. Let’s see how this affects the latest Arkham price prediction…

July 24, 2023 at 12:37 GMT

Arkham Intelligence and its $ARKM token first attracted a lot of attention following a promising start, but has recently been unable to rescale the same heights. Let’s see how this affects the latest Arkham price prediction being made as of 24 July 2023.

What is Arkham crypto?

Imagine you’re a digital detective – just like Sherlock Holmes, but with a modern twist – you’re delving into the mysterious realm of cryptocurrencies. Your mission is to uncover the secrets hidden within the blockchain, where transactions are encrypted and identities are masked.

To assist you in your investigations, you have a powerful AI partner named Arkham. Think of Arkham as your trusty Watson, but with advanced artificial intelligence capabilities.

Using Arkham’s AI, you can analyse various sources of data like public records, social media, website data, and even tips from the crypto community. This AI acts like a digital magnifying glass, helping you spot hidden patterns and connections in the vast world of cryptocurrencies.

Just like Sherlock Holmes deduces the truth by connecting clues, Arkham’s AI helps you unmask the identities behind wallets and transactions, analyse their activity, identify suspicious activities and uncover potential fraudsters within the crypto world. It’s like having an intelligent sidekick that helps you navigate through the complexities of the blockchain.

In a nutshell, Arkham Intelligence can be described as an analysis tool that employs artificial intelligence (AI) to deanonymise blockchain data.

Arkham Intelligence identifies three primary challenges in the realm of crypto intelligence. The first hurdle involves consistently collecting data from diverse sources, encompassing both the blockchain itself and external platforms. The second challenge centres around aggregating this data into a dependable and unified source that grants users easy access to all relevant information they seek. The last and perhaps most critical aspect revolves around attributing real-world identities to the various addresses present on the blockchain.

To resolve these challenges, Arkham Intelligence introduces Ultra.

According to the whitepaper: “Ultra is a proprietary AI system for blockchain data synthesis, which gathers on and off-chain data from a variety of sources and synthesizes them to form a single, scalable, amendable source of truth. Ultra allows Arkham to transform raw blockchain transaction information into a clear view of the entities using cryptocurrencies and their activities, including exchanges, trading firms, and individuals. At present, the Arkham platform contains over 350 million labels and 200,000 entity pages.”

While Ultra helps with data collection and aggregation, another core tool called Profiler helps users gain comprehensive insight into a particular entity’s activity. This includes transaction history, portfolio holdings, balance history, profit and loss, exchange usage, and top counterparties. It also offers other advanced features such as the Visualizer for network analysis, the ability to create private address labels, transaction alerts, custom dashboards, and access to Ultra API for custom queries.

Using these tools, users can create personalised feeds that allow them to efficiently access information about specific individuals or entities they are interested in. 

Arkham Intelligence offers a unique and fully incentivised ecosystem through its ‘Inter-to-Earn’ concept, accessible on the Arkham Intel Exchange. In this system, users can trade relevant data, and in return, they earn ARKM, which is the platform’s native asset. Likewise, users can also exchange their ARKM tokens for valuable data. This approach encourages active participation and data sharing within the community, creating a dynamic marketplace where users can benefit both from the information they contribute and the tokens they earn. 

ARKM price history

ARKM became the 32nd project to list on Binance Launchpad on 10 July. Prior to the commencement of trading, Binance implemented a new initial price limit mechanism to protect users from high volatility. The maximum transaction price was set at 10 times the public sale token price for the first five minutes of trading. After this initial five-minute period, trading proceeded without any restrictions.

ARKM commenced trading on 18 July after community members were airdropped tokens. It reached a high of $0.82 and closed at around $0.65. Its trading volume indicated an active market interest though the price remained stable throughout the day, showing minimal fluctuations. The following day, ARKM’s price ranged between $0.59 to $0.7 and closed at $0.618. 

ARKM retained the same range but closed lower at $0.59 on 20 July, perhaps due to intense selling pressure from airdroppers and other traders taking profits. There was a resurgence on the fifth trading day as ARKM’s trading range pushed slightly upwards as it reached a closing price of $0.62. Its trading volume also slightly increased from the previous day, reaching $93m.

On 22 July, ARKM price showed some stability as there were no substantial price swings. It subsequently closed the day at $0.62.

Currently, ARKM is trading at $0.54, a 7.94% decline in the last 24 hours. 

ARKM has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity within a relatively short period, capturing the attention of numerous traders and investors. However, this surge in interest has been accompanied by controversies surrounding its model, further intensifying the focus on its price movements. The market now closely associates ARKM’s price performance with the prevailing sentiment on the topic of deanonymisation, leading to heightened speculation from both enthusiasts and critics alike.

As opinions on ARKM’s potential vary significantly between these two groups, a prevailing question unites them: What does the future hold for an Arkham token price prediction? This curiosity extends beyond the near term, with investors and analysts eagerly seeking price predictions not only for 2025 but also for the more distant horizon of 2030 and beyond. 

ARKM price prediction

DigitalCoinPrice’s forecast for ARKM’s price movement reveals a noteworthy trend with gradual but consistent growth over the years. Its Arkham price prediction for 2023 sees the price reach $1.17. Over the next few years to 2025, there is an estimated 63% increase in the average price as it climbs to $1.91. The positive momentum continues into 2026 and 2027, with ARKM price reaching $2.46, representing a 110% gain from the 2023 average price.

Between 2027 and 2029, the forecast indicates a period of stabilisation, with the average price holding steady at $2.46. However, in 2029, there is a notable and sudden surge in ARKM price to $4.15, marking a substantial 254% increase from the 2023 average. The upward trajectory carries on as the average price is projected to reach $5.85 in 2030, signifying a 400% gain from the initial price in 2023.

By 2031, the average price is predicted to touch $8.06, resulting in an impressive 589% gain from the 2023. Finally, by 2032, ARKM’s average price is forecasted to reach $11, representing an exceptional 839% increase over the entire period from 2023.

Cryptobullsclub is also bullish on ARKM. It projects that ARKM token could reach $1.68 later this year and close between $0.6 to $0.91. Its Arkham price prediction for 2025 suggests that the price could trade between $0.25 and $1.00. The optimistic outlook extends to 2027 when ARKM crypto is projected to be $1.34.

A 49% increase is anticipated between 2027 and 2029, where ARKM is expected to hit $2.41. A year later in 2030, its maximum price is forecasted to rise significantly to $4.09.

Based on Coincodex’s provided forecast, the ARKM price prediction shows a gradual upward trend over the years, with some notable fluctuations. In 2024, the yearly high price is projected to be $0.835209, indicating potential growth compared to the current price levels. Moving into 2025, the forecast suggests a high of $1.6.

In 2026, there seems to be a slight dip in the yearly high, projected at $0.977409 and 12 months later, the forecast shows a resurgence, reaching $1.28. The following year, 2028, ARKM’s high is projected to be within the range of $1.18 to $1.33, demonstrating relative stability in the price.

In 2029, the forecast indicates a considerable potential for growth, with ARKM price projected to reach $2.41. Its Arkham price prediction for 2030 anticipates a yearly high in the range of $1.36 to $1.72, reflecting a more conservative estimate compared to the previous year. 


Does ARKM have a future?

ARKM’s future in the crypto community is contentious due to its potential impact on blockchain’s deanonymisation principle. However, with growing demand for wallet tracking, on-chain analysis, and security improvements, ARKM could establish a lasting niche in the industry.

How high can ARKM go?

DigitalCoinPrice projects a high of $11 by 2032 while Cryptobullsclub is bullish, but slightly less optimistic with a projection of $4.09 by 2030. These predictions are however based on historical data and assumptions and are not a substitute for proper research when investing.

Can ARKM hit $10?

A price of $10 is not overly optimistic for ARKM on a long-term basis. Given the potential growth and adoption of ARKM, coupled with the overall expansion of the industry, reaching $10 or even beyond that is within the realm of possibility. However, it’s essential to note that crypto prices are highly volatile and investors should conduct thorough research before investing.