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November 28, 2023 at 13:40 GMT

AI-chatbot Girolamo’s beta goes live on Cardano blockchain

Girolamo, a rival to artificial intelligence ChatGPT, has been launched in beta phase on the Cardano blockchain.

AI-chatbot Girolamo’s beta goes live on Cardano blockchain

Girolamo, a rival to artificial intelligence (AI)-chatbot ChatGPT, has been launched in its beta phase on the Cardano blockchain.

“Girolamo provides answers to a wide array of queries, spanning across every industry and down to our day to day questions & inquiries”, said the official announcement.

It is built by Cardano GPT team, which empowers projects and businesses to utilise custom AI-powered chatbots tailored to their specific needs. The new blockchain-focused AI product is the first internet-enabled generative chatbot.

Named after the Italian polymath Girolamo Cardano who is famed for his work during the Renaissance, the AI is now live for testing and provides real-time, accurate, and contextually aware responses to users queries and tasks.

Key features of Girolamo include content generation, image generation and image interpretation. Testers can join the chatbot beta phase by joining the CardanoGPT Discord Server and visiting the #wallet verification channel. They need to hold at least 5,000 of the project’s native utility token, $CGI.

“The beta launch of Girolamo is just the beginning, As we are committed to continuous innovation, research and development ensuring that CardanoGPT is well positioned and remains at the forefront of AI technology in the blockchain space.”

The announcement also included a disclaimer saying that the team does not guarantee a 100% accuracy for information provided by Girolamo as it is still in the beta phase and undergoing development.

It has also warned the users saying that the AI won’t be held liable for financial loss as a result of market predictions or health information provided by Girolamo as they might not be completely accurate and practicable.

A buy signal for $ADA

On the back of this latest development, analysts predicted Cardano’s native token $ADA to enter a key demand zone. This was between $0.37 and $0.38 price levels. 

At the time of press, the coin was already in this region, changing hands for $0.375, after a recent pushback in price. This had caused it to trade in the red on its charts.

Even though there is much resistance ahead, analysts saw the current level as a solid support for the altcoin, helping it to make a good upclimb. However, losing support could result in a downward correction that could force the token to return to $0.34.

As of press time, a bulk of 166,470 wallets were seen securing 4.88 billion in $ADA. Charts illustrated a potential buy signal for the coin which was further augmented by the launch of the new AI chatbot. 

Along with this, EMURGO, which provides blockchain products and services for builders and organisations to adopt the Cardano blockchain, also announced a partnership with the Institute of Blockchain as part of the project’s Web3 education and expansion. The team stated:

“Via this partnership, EMURGO and IBS will organise and co-host blockchain education programs including in-person workshops, webinars, curated learning modules, and other courses covering the latest trends and narratives in both the Cardano ecosystem and the general blockchain industry for business professionals.”

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