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Quant price prediction: Is QNT worth buying?

Quant aims to revolutionise the way blockchain networks interact. So what are the latest Quant price predictions being made as of 24 April 2023?

Quant price prediction: Is QNT worth buying?

With its unique Overledger technology, Quant aims to revolutionise the way blockchain networks interact and operate.

So what are the latest Quant (QNT) price predictions being made as of 24 April 2023? Let’s find out.

What is Quant?

Quant was founded by cybersecurity expert Gilbert Verdian in 2018. He had the idea for Quant while working in the healthcare sector. Verdian, who is also the company’s CEO, has previously held senior positions in Vocalink, NSW Ambulance, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, HSBC, the Ministry of Justice and HM Treasury. 

The second co-founder, Dr Paolo Tasca, is an entrepreneur, digital economist who has served as blockchain tech adviser for the EU Parliament and the UN.

What makes Quant a little different is that it is closed-source. It requires payment to use its services and hides the details of its technology. 

The Quant Network is a pioneering project in the blockchain space that seeks to enhance the interoperability of blockchain networks. By addressing the issue of siloed blockchains, Quant aims to facilitate seamless communication and transactions between different blockchain ecosystems.

Quant’s Overledger technology is a unique blockchain operating system that allows developers to build multi-chain applications across different blockchains. This technology promotes cross-chain communication and scalability, fostering innovation and collaboration within the blockchain industry.

Quant launched through an ICO in May 2018 with an initial maximum supply of 45.5m tokens, with 68.2% of supply offered for sale at 420 QNT per Ether (ETH). The ICO had raised $11m by the end of the token sale on 11 May 2018. Four months later, Quant undertook a token burn, which then reduced the overall QNT supply. 

Quant price history

From its launch in 2018 to 2020, the price of QNT was mostly flat with very little movement. It wasn’t until 2021 that it started to rise and went from $11.95 at the start of January, to a huge $374.05 on 15 September – a jump of 3,030%, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

However, it fell back down again and the price of QNT finished the year at $178.85. It started January at $178.86 and ended the month at $94.63.

2022 was a notoriously bad year for crypto following a series of crises and crashes, and the price of QNT reacted accordingly. Its lowest point came on 17 June when it dipped to $44.36. It managed to climb back up to $208.71 on 18 October, before falling to $102.26 11 November. It ended December on $111.06.

It kicked off 2023 at $105.75 before climbing to $149.62 by the end of the month. The price has steadily declined since then, and the time of writing on 24 April 2023, the Quant price is trading at $111.23 – a fall of 2.43% in the last 24 hours.

Its current CoinMarketCap ranking is number 41, with a live market cap of $1,344,904,688 USD. It has a circulating supply of 12,072,738 Quant coins and a maximum supply of 14,881,364 Quant coins.

Quant price prediction

Now here’s a look at the latest QNT price predictions that were being made as of 24 April.

A Quant token price prediction from PricePrediction suggests that QNT could average $208.11 next year and $308.30 in 2025. Its Quant price prediction for 2030 sees it trading at an average $1,901.07 throughout the year.

The Quant price prediction for 2024 from Wallet Investor was bearish and called QNT a ‘bad investment’, believing that the token’s value could dip to $84.451 next year. 

A Quant price prediction for 2025 from Gov Capital foresees the Quant price at $425.28 in April of that year. It also sees the price rising to $1,410.72 in five years.

Meanwhile, DigitalCoinPrice believes that the Quant price will reach $1,160.81 in 2030, and $2,143.49 in 2032.


Could QNT reach $1,000?

At the time of writing on 24 April 2023, DigitalCoinPrice predicted that the Quant price could be worth $1,160.81 in 2030.

Is Quant a good investment?

Whether Quant is a good investment or not is down to you to decide. Always remember to do your own research and never spend what you can’t afford.

Will Quant go up or down?

Cryptocurrencies are very volatile and past performance is never a guarantee of future success. Always remember to do your own due diligence before deciding to invest in a coin or token.

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