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April 28, 2023 at 09:41 GMT

Polygon and Google Cloud form Web3 collaboration

Polygon Labs and Google Cloud yesterday announced a multi-year Web3 alliance to accelerate the adoption of Polygon protocols

Polygon and Google Cloud form Web3 collaboration

Google Cloud and Polygon Labs yesterday announced a multi-year Web3 alliance to accelerate the adoption of Polygon protocols. The collaboration aims to boost the Polygon PoS, Polygon Supernets, and Polygon zkEVM protocols, and further innovation in the blockchain industry.

As part of the partnership, Google Cloud will provide advanced developer tools, including the Google Cloud Platform, to the Polygon ecosystem. These tools will enable developers to build, deploy, and scale applications on the Polygon network with greater ease and efficiency.

In a post published yesterday, Polygon said: “To help developers overcome the time-intensive processes and costly overhead associated with provisioning, maintaining, and operating their own dedicated blockchain nodes, Google Cloud will bring Blockchain Node Engine, its fully managed node hosting service, to the Polygon ecosystem, further diversifying cloud services across the Polygon ecosystem.

“Once Blockchain Node Engine support for Polygon is made available, developers using Blockchain Node Engine will no longer have to worry about configuring or running their Polygon PoS nodes; they can instead focus on growth while retaining complete control over where nodes are deployed.”

Ryan Wyatt, Polygon Labs president, said: “Google Cloud supporting all of the Polygon protocols is a step in the right direction to help onboard more people into Web3. Today’s announcement with Google Cloud aims to increase transaction throughput enabling use cases in gaming, supply chain management, and DeFi. This will pave the way for even more businesses to embrace blockchain technology through Polygon.”

Google Cloud’s Mitesh Agarwal added: “The industry is experiencing a flight to quality as corporations seek to minimize risk when exploring new possibilities in Web3. Building on our work over the past few years, Google Cloud is helping the industry achieve escape velocity by directing our engineering efforts toward areas like improving data availability and enhancing the resilience and performance of scaling protocols like zero-knowledge proofs.

“Alongside Searce as our implementation partner, we look forward to deepening our collaboration with Polygon Labs to deliver the enterprise-ready Web3 infrastructure and developer-friendly tools that businesses need to offer fast, frictionless, and secure access to dApps for consumers.”

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