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November 7, 2023 at 12:13 GMT

Bitboy files second suit against ex-colleagues

Crypto YouTuber Ben Armstrong is taking his former colleagues to court again as he filed another lawsuit against them.

Bitboy files second suit against ex-colleagues

Crypto YouTuber Ben Armstrong, who was formerly known as Bitboy, is taking his former colleagues to court again as he filed another lawsuit against them.

Armstrong has accused them of stealing a Lamborghini and alleged racketeering activities involving threats and a conspiracy to deprive him of the vehicle.

The lawsuit was filed on 1 November in the Superior Court of Cobb County. It named six individuals as defendants: CEO of Hit Network – Timothy Shedd Jr., CFO of Hit Network – Timothy Shedd Sr., CEO of Voomio – Justin Williams, a frequent contributor on Hit Network – Allison Fiveash, Hit Network’s head of content – Nickolas Dimondi, and an associate of the company – Carlos Diaz.

Hit Network is the company that owned and controlled Armstrong’s former channel, the ‘BitBoy Crypto’ brand. In August, it cut ties with its public face of Armstrong, citing issues surrounding substance abuse and financial damage to employees.

The firm claimed Armstrong had inflicted “emotional, physical and financial damage” on Hit employees and others in the space. Following this, the crypto influencer moved away from his BitBoy Crypto origins and established new accounts using his own name.

The latest lawsuit claimed that the defendants took control of Armstrong’s account on X (formerly Twitter) for the “express purpose of publicly harassing, embarrassing, and intimidating” him. It further read: “Defendant Diaz used this X account to leak private conversations between Armstrong and Defendant Diaz, which had been surreptitiously recorded without Armstrong’s knowledge or consent; and to post false and defamatory statements accusing Armstrong of illicit drug use.”

Armstrong then went ahead to allege that he was coerced into transferring the title of his 2018 Lamborghini Huracan Performante to Diaz under threat of violence. Despite repeated requests from Armstrong, Diaz refused to return the vehicle and the former complied with the demands due to fear, said the lawsuit.

The plaintiff then accused the defendant of threatening him saying that “he had killed people before, and implied that the same fate could befall Armstrong, if Armstrong failed to comply”. The document also read that the plaintiff was not aware of the Lamborghini’s current location or ownership status.

On top of this, Armstrong claimed that the defendants engaged in a civil conspiracy and violated the Georgia Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act by conspiring to unlawfully convert his Lamborghini and extort money from him through a pattern of racketeering activities.

Recently, Armstrong was reportedly arrested by local law enforcement during a live stream outside the home of Diaz, during which he accused him of the same. He also made claims that Diaz was tied to organised crime, including the Houston mafia. 

This is the YouTuber’s second lawsuit against the group. The first one was filed in August against Hit Network CEO Timothy Shedd Jr. and father Timothy Shedd Sr. for removing Armstrong from the media company he created in 2018.

The filing alleged that the Shedds “began conspiring to steal the company from Armstrong” a few months before they ousted him. This involved illegally locking Armstrong out of various email and social media accounts, and “misappropriating, diverting, converting, and wasting” Armstrong’s company’s funds and assets for personal gain.

The YouTuber then sought for an award of damages, an injunction, and the return of control of the parent company along with its financial, social media, and email accounts, as per the lawsuit.

None of these allegations have been presented in front of the court yet. Dimondi commented on the filing of the second suit recently saying: “The entire complaint is laughable on its face and has no merit in court. This type of bullying is what we have come to expect from Ben Armstrong”.