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XDC Network price prediction: What next for XDC?

XDC Network recently broke into the top 50 biggest cryptos on the market. Let’s see how this affects the latest XDC Network price prediction…

July 26, 2023 at 11:49 GMT

XDC Network has been the talk of the town recently after breaking into the top 50 list of biggest cryptos on the market. Let’s see how this affects the latest XDC Network price prediction being made of 26 July 2023.

What is XDC Network?

In the context of global trade, envision a scenario where a company based in the United States imports goods from a manufacturer in China. The company faces significant challenges in financing its supply chain, mainly due to lengthy and expensive cross-border transactions that arise from the extensive documentation demanded by traditional processes.

XDC Network (previously XinFin Network) presents a practical solution to challenges of this nature by blending the transparency inherent in public blockchains with the swift and secure nature of private networks, ensuring seamless delivery of financial services to its users.

Thanks to its hybrid design, it is an ideal solution for facilitating global trade and finance. In fact, the World Trade Organization (WTO) has recently recognised and acknowledged its capabilities in this regard.

Having developed a basic understanding of XDC Network, let’s explore how it can streamline and make the ‘US firm and Chinese manufacturer’ case study more efficient:

Smart contracts: The US company and the Chinese manufacturer can create a smart contract on the XDC Network. This smart contract outlines the terms of the trade, including payment milestones, delivery requirements, and agreed-upon interest rates for financing.

Digitised assets: The US company can tokenise its purchase order or other trade-related documents on the XDC Network. These digitised assets represent the trade and are linked to the smart contract.

Financing: Using these digitised assets as collateral, the US company can seek supply chain financing from financial institutions or investors on the XDC Network. The digitisation and automation of the process reduce the need for extensive manual verification and speed up approval times.

Cross-border payments: The smart contract on the XDC Network ensures that once the goods are delivered as per the agreed terms, payment is automatically released to the Chinese manufacturer. This automated process reduces the risk of disputes and fraud.

Cost savings: By leveraging XDC Network’s fast and cost-effective blockchain infrastructure, the transaction costs are significantly reduced compared to traditional banking systems. The US company benefits from quicker access to working capital, while the Chinese manufacturer receives timely payments.

Transparent tracking: All transactions and trade-related information are recorded on the XDC blockchain, providing a transparent and immutable audit trail for both parties and any involved financial institutions.

XDC price history

The XDC crypto price history reveals a roller-coaster ride of price movements with various ups and downs since its inception. In May 2018, the token closed at a price of $0.0048. Over the next few months, it faced a downward trend, with the close price reaching as low as $0.0004356 in June 2019. This marked a substantial loss of approximately 90% compared with its May 2018 price.

XDC began to show signs of recovery in July 2019, and from that point onwards, it demonstrated a gradual uptrend. By January 2020, XDC price had reached $0.0011. The following months saw continued growth, with XDC hitting $0.0314 in February. This represented an extraordinary gain of over 7,000% from its lowest point in 2019.

In March 2021, the XDC token price skyrocketed even further, reaching $0.0890. However, the market’s volatility came into play, and it experienced a correction in April 2021, with the close price dipping to $0.0402. Despite the dip, it still represented a considerable gain compared with its earlier levels.

Throughout 2021, the XDC token exhibited fluctuations but generally maintained an upward trajectory. By June 2021, its price stood at $0.0789. The following months in the year were characterised by new highs as XDC marched to an all-time high of $0.1939 in August 2021. After the landmark price, XDC slightly retraced over the next few months and closed the year at $0.098.  

XDC token’s value declined further $0.0596 as the bull market trend eased off and a market-wide correction followed in January 2022. It however maintained stability despite the change in trend and pushed slightly upwards to $0.0620 in March 2022. The stability was short lived as XDC went on a downward spiral. It dipped all the way to $0.029 by August, representing more than 50% decline from March. It subsequently closed the year at $0.025.

XDC has started off the year on a decent note, reaching $0.045 in April. 

As of the time of writing, XDC is down 6% in the last 24 hours, trading at $0.05514. It has performed significantly well in the last one month, recording a 69% gain. This remarkable price increase has caught the attention of traders as is reflected in the 150,885 watchlist additions it has amassed on CoinMarketCap

Amidst the watchful eyes of numerous traders and the buzz of speculation surrounding its future potential, let’s delve into analysts’ XDC price predictions for the coming years.

XDC price prediction

Based on BitcoinWisdom’s forecasted data, the XDC crypto price is expected to follow an upward trend over the coming years. This year, it is projected to reach $0.073148, indicating a potential increase from the minimum of $0.062698. As we progress to 2024, XDC price is expected to rise to $0.114946.

In 2025, further growth is anticipated all the way to $0.167194. This trend is expected to persist in the subsequent years, with XDC price forecast reaching $0.219443 in 2026, $0.271691 in 2027 and $0.323939 in 2028.

A year later, XDC is predicted to surge to $0.376187, and even further to $0.428436 in 2030. In 2031, it is anticipated to reach $0.491133, with the potential to exceed $0.5. Overall, the ascending pattern suggests that XDC’s price may continue to rise steadily in the coming years.

According to the PricePrediction’s forecast, the price of XDC is expected to witness a consistent upward trend over the next decade. Commencing at an average value of $0.070 in 2023, XDC is anticipated to undergo gradual but steady growth each year. By the year 2025, XDC price is projected to climb to approximately $0.15.

It is expected to retain the momentum, surpassing $0.21 by 2026. The average price will expectedly ascend to around $0.30 in 2027 and continue its upward trajectory to roughly $0.42 by 2028.

Subsequently, in 2029, XDC price is forecasted to stabilise around $0.62, with a further increase to approximately $0.90 by 2030. The data hints at a sustained bullish trend for XDC, potentially pushing the average price to around $1.33 by 2031 and eventually rising to approximately $1.91 by 2032.

Bitnation expects an average price of $0.082817 in 2023, and $0.138029 in 2024. This positive momentum continues according to its forecast, with the XDC crypto price expected to climb in subsequent years, hitting $0.248452 in 2026, $0.303663 in 2027, and $0.358875 in 2028. The trend suggests that the average price may reach $0.469298 in 2030 and $0.524509 in 2031.

XDC Network price prediction for 2023

BitcoinWisdom predicts that XDC price will reach $0.073148 this year while PricePrediction and Bitnation project a price of $0.049 and $0.087031 respectively.

XDC Network price prediction for 2025

Two years from now, BitcoinWisdom maintains a bullish stance on XDC with a predicted price of $0.167194. PricePrediction expects XDC price to be around $0.11 in 2025 while Bitnation is the most optimistic at $0.19324.

XDC Network price prediction for 2030

In 2030, BitcoinWisdom forecasts XDC price to reach $0.428436. PricePrediction is more bullish at $0.90 while Bitnation suggests that XDC will likely trade at $0.469298 by 2030.  


Is XDC Network a good investment?

XDC has strong fundamentals, an experienced team and devoted community. It also has decent futuristic prospects and chances for growth. Despite these pros, it is still essential to conduct thorough research before investing.

Will XDC reach $1?

Considering the expected future development and overall growth of the cryptocurrency industry, a future price of $1 for XDC seems realistic. This is however speculative and traders are advised to research the project’s fundamentals, assess the market conditions and manage risks before investing.

Where can I buy XDC?

XDC is available for purchase on KuCoin, Bitfinex,, Bittrex and Bybit.