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April 29, 2024 at 08:01 GMT

FTX plans new Solana token auction amid bankruptcy proceedings

The auction will follow a “blind auction” format, which differs from the direct sales methods used in previous transactions.

FTX plans new Solana token auction amid bankruptcy proceedings

The bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX has decided to auction off another batch of Solana ($SOL) tokens this week, according to Bloomberg.

The upcoming auction is set to be conducted as a “blind auction”, a departure from the previous direct sales method to private firms.

This strategic shift comes after the exchange successfully liquidated approximately $307.6 million worth of $SOL and $ZBC tokens in March as part of its efforts to handle its financial collapse.

Kyle Chasse, a prominent Bitcoin proponent, highlighted the auction in an X post on 23 April, marking another significant step in FTX’s ongoing asset liquidation process.

This follows a report from 29 March that detailed FTX’s disposal of 41 million locked Solana tokens valued at about $7.5 billion, which stirred considerable speculation among investors regarding the future of the tokens and the bankruptcy proceedings.

Auction dynamics and key players

This auction has garnered attention from several heavyweight entities in the cryptocurrency market. Firms such as Figure Markets, Pantera Capital, and Abra are reportedly leading the pack of potential bidders.

Mike Cagney, CEO of Figure Markets, has stated that unlike previous transactions, this auction will not set a fixed price for the entire holding, suggesting a potentially more lucrative outcome for FTX’s bankruptcy estate.

Representatives from the interested firms have been tight-lipped about their specific strategies heading into the auction. However, sources close to the matter have indicated a strong readiness among these firms to secure the Solana tokens at competitive prices, reflecting the high stakes involved in this high-profile liquidation.

The blind auction method would ensure that all participants, including retail investors affected by the exchange’s collapse, have a fair chance to bid with a minimum investment considerably lower than before. 

This move is seen as a step towards inclusivity and fairness, allowing those most impacted by the bankruptcy to potentially recoup some of their losses. The auction is set up to cater to both US and non-US investors, with strict adherence to KYC procedures, ensuring a transparent and compliant bidding environment.

Impact on Solana’s performance

The implications of this auction extend beyond FTX’s asset liquidation efforts, impacting the broader cryptocurrency market, particularly the trading dynamics of Solana. 

Currently, Solana is trading at $158.64, showing a daily increase of 2.16% and a weekly rise of over 12%. However, it has registered a decline of 8.55% over the last month. 

The fluctuations are partly attributed to the market’s reaction to FTX’s continued asset sales and the general volatility in the crypto market.

Previously, the sale of $SOL tokens by FTX at $64 each—well below the market price at the time—totalled $1.9 billion. These sales have sparked significant criticism from creditors, who argue that such transactions severely undercut their potential recovery values. 

Sunil Kavuri, a notable FTX creditor, voiced his discontent, stating, “It’s not right for FTX to sell our property at such low prices. We are pursuing legal action through class actions against Sullivan & Cromwell and other co-conspirators for destroying the value of our holdings.”

The upcoming auction is not just a financial manoeuvre but also a litmus test for the market’s valuation of Solana tokens under unusual sale conditions. The outcome will likely provide insights into the future of both Solana’s market performance and FTX’s capability to fulfil its financial obligations to creditors.

It could also set precedents for how bankrupt crypto exchanges handle the liquidation of substantial asset holdings in the future. As stakeholders within and outside of the FTX community await the results, the broader crypto market remains alert to the potential ripple effects that could arise from this significant financial event.

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