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Mark Zuckerberg commits Meta to AI and addresses Musk fight in new interview

Mark Zuckerberg shared his thoughts on the advancements in AI and their potential to reshape the tech industry, in a recent interview with Forbes.

Mark Zuckerberg commits Meta to AI and addresses Musk fight in new interview

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, shared his thoughts on the groundbreaking advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and their potential to reshape the tech industry, in a recent video interview with Forbes.

Published today, 17 September, Zuckerberg expressed his excitement about recent AI breakthroughs and their increasing integration into daily life.

“Awesome progress” is how the Meta boss described the recent developments in AI, emphasising the growing role of AI in various aspects of people’s lives. He stated that AI is on the path to becoming an integral part of our daily routines.

During the interview, Zuckerberg revealed that Meta has made the integration of AI a top priority across its suite of applications and products. He stressed the pivotal role AI is set to play in Meta’s overall strategy and future offerings.

Addressing speculation regarding a highly anticipated cage fight with tech rival Elon Musk, Zuckerberg noted that Musk had failed to commit to a specific date for the event. As a result, the possibility of the fight happening remains unlikely.

Zuckerberg remains committed to the Metaverse

Zuckerberg discussed the importance of AI in the context of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR). 

Facebook rebranded the parent company to Meta in 2021 to mark a shift of priorities to the Metaverse, a digital world that will be explorable through virtual headsets. However, two years later and much of the Metaverse hype has died down 

Yet, Zuckerberg underscored Meta’s dedication to the metaverse in the latest interview.

According to Zuckerberg, technologies like Meta’s Oculus Quest enable users to experience a sense of physical presence through avatars. He anticipates that AR glasses will eventually seamlessly overlay digital elements onto the real world.

“Over the long term, giving people the ability to interact not just with people but also AIs and businesses that they care about in different ways is just all part of the future of making the world more connected,” Zuckerberg said.

He added: “There’s something that’s sort of magical about that, that you don’t get in any other kind of screen or technology.”

Meta’s rivals

When questioned about competitors and rivals in the tech industry, Zuckerberg emphasised Meta’s commitment to continual improvement. He reiterated the company’s focus on enhancing execution and innovation as key priorities.

Elon Musk, owner of X (previously Twitter), and Mark Zuckerberg were rumoured to have a cage fight in August. However, the Meta boss said Musk has failed to commit to a date. 

Asked in this new interview about how he would respond to a “heel hook move” from Elon Musk, Zuckerberg said: “I don’t think that fight is going to happen.” 

“I’m probably gonna do it with someone who takes the sport really seriously and does it competitively or is professionalism, so I’m training hard and looking forward to it,” he added.  

“But no to your question about a heel hook that’s a relatively high level Jiu Jitsu move so I think the person would have to be pretty serious and experienced in order to be even attempting that.”

Despite Meta’s focus on its own path, Zuckerberg acknowledged that the company draws inspiration from other entities in the social media landscape. He noted that Meta incorporates valuable insights from rival products, recognizing that innovation can come from various sources.

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