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XRP 2.0 skyrockets amidst Telegram bot surge

XRP 2.0, the latest Telegram bot coin to hit the market, is sitting in third position of CoinMarketCap’s top gainers, having risen 859% in the past 24 hours.

XRP 2.0 skyrockets amidst Telegram bot surge

In recent weeks, Telegram bot tokens have emerged as a promising trend, gaining considerable attention with projects like Unibot and Lootbot at the forefront. This growing interest has led CoinGecko to create a dedicated category for these tokens. As of today, Telegram bot tokens boast a market capitalization of $94.5 million, with a notable 12% surge in the last 24 hours. Their trading volume has also seen a significant increase, reaching over $19 million within the same time frame.

The latest telegram bot coin to take center stage is XRP 2.0. Sitting in third position of CoinMarketCap’s top gainers, XRP 2.0 is currently up 859% in 24 hours. Its trading volume has also soared by over 2300% in the same time.

Within a few hours of its launch, XRP 2.0 has garnered strong community support, evident in its high community trust rating on Dextools. An impressive 89.7% of community members voted in favor of the project, while only 10.3% voted against it.

What is XRP 2.0? 

XRP 2.0 bot is an advanced AI-powered tool that converts text into images. It is designed to work seamlessly with Telegram, and uses a deep learning model to generate visually realistic images based on provided text descriptions inputted by the user. It simplifies image generation, making it incredibly convenient and accessible to users. 

Within the crypto community on Telegram, the XRP 2.0 bot has the potential to garner significant popularity due to its versatile features. Instead of users and moderators having to dedicate time and resources to create memes, stickers, and captivating media to promote their tokens in groups, XRP 2.0 bot can swiftly generate humorous and meme-like images, thereby saving time and resources while injecting a delightful dose of humor into conversations and interactions.

XRP 2.0 also boasts of a Text-to-speech technology that uses AI to convert written text into natural-sounding voice recordings. This eliminates the need for manual recording or hiring voice artists, saving users costs and time.

Another of its features, Talking Face transforms text-based communication into animated faces that speak and interact. With XRP 2.0 bot’s user-friendly interface and advanced image models, users can create lifelike visuals from their written text, even without artistic expertise.

The possible use cases of Talking Face are vast and exciting.  It can be used to enhance video calls by animating the speaker’s face, creating a more immersive and personalized experience. Content creators can also use Talking Face to add a new level of interactivity to their digital content, such as animated storytelling, interactive presentations, or engaging social media posts.

Who can use XRP 2.0?

Currently, anybody can create unlimited images using XRP 2.0 bot for free, though in the future, the team aims to create standard and premium versions of the bot. The former will allow users to create a maximum of 5 images daily at no cost, while the latter will enable users to access additional features for a fee. 

The XRP 2.0 ecosystem is designed to reward token holders. About 20% of revenue generated will be added to the reward pool from where it will be distributed to holders. Half of the 1% buy tax will also be allocated to this pool to incentivize holders. 

How to use XRP 2.0

XRP 2.0 bot can be used in just three simple steps:

Step 1: Add XRP 2.0 Pic bot to your Telegram group 

Step 2: Type “/XRP 2.0” + “Text Prompt”.

Step 3: Enter to generate the image


XRP 2.0 is the native token of XRP 2.0 bot. It is an ERC-20 asset with a total supply of 420 trillion. 

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